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Consult Top Landlord/Tenant Lawyers, Attorneys & Legal Advisors in India

A landlord/tenant lawyer can help you win an eviction lawsuit, steer clear of liability, and collect or return a security deposit. Whether you are a landlord drawing up a lease or a renter trying to get back your security deposit, use SAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS, LPO to hire a top rated landlord/tenant lawyer in India.

What are landlord/tenant disputes?

Landlord/Tenant disputes are common where a property has been leased or given out on rent by one person to another.

Who are affected by landlord / tenant disputes

If you are being wrongfully evicted by your landlord from a rented premises.

If you have not been paid arrears of rent from a tenant.

If a tenant is wrongly refusing to leave your property.

If a landlord refuses to return a security deposit.

Why do you need a landlord/tenant dispute lawyer

A Landlord/Tenant Dispute Lawyer will be able to protect you in the event that you are being wrongly evicted by your landlord or if you have a tenant who is wrongly refusing to leave.

A Landlord/Tenant Dispute Lawyer will be able to recover arrears of rent or security deposits.

Why hire a landlord/tenant dispute lawyer through SAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS, LPO

We have handpickedsome of the top landlord/ tenant dispute lawyers across India, to help resolve issues regarding tenant squatting, tenant eviction, non-payment of rent, rent agreements and lease contracts.