Accidental Injury

With the advancement and development of civilization, there has been an increase in accidents as the human kind is now dealing with different kinds of machineries, vehicles and other technical things which can cause sudden breakdowns and are unpredictable and hence cause accidents which are unfortunate and fatal. These have led to an increase in the claims, which means a declaration, assertion, and statement etc of rights or belongings. Now we should also properly understand the meaning of accident. Accident means any act which happened by chance, unintentional act, and without any planning or premeditation.

When one is claiming for accidental injuries or death one is asserting the fact that the accident happened due to act of negligence of others, and that act of negligence was an actionable wrong. Any next of kin or a legal representative of the harmed person, who is injured or dead because of the careless act, can ask for the recovery of damages under the Law, besides initiating criminal proceedings. Liable negligence is those which consist in the carelessness in the use of expected and ordinary skill or care towards a person. Therefore harm or loss caused to the other person give rise to accidental injury claim. These claims are growing faster with each passing year, and laws are there to suit the requirements of the claimant, but at the same time it is also necessary to see to the interests of the insurance companies who will be disbursing the compensation. It is not approved by law to impose liability to make payment, without giving these insurance companies a chance to contest the case.