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A gift deed is a legal document that records and details transfer of movable or immovable property from the donor (giver) to the donee (receiver) without any exchange of money. The “gift” must be a well defined movable or immovable property and be transferable.

What’s Included

a) Introduction call. A 15-minute phone call to know your advocate and talk about how you’ll work together

b) Checklist of list of documents required will be shared.

c) Verification of your documents.

d) Drafting of the Gift Deed and Handling the required paperwork.

What’s Not Included

a) Registration of Gift Deed.

You May Also Want To Know

a) What is a Gift Deed?

A Gift Deed is a legal document elucidating the voluntary transfer of the property to someone else without any monetary exchange. The handover can be made either to a person or an institution; however, it should be accepted by the recipient during the lifetime of the donor and should also be registered.

b) What all details are included in Gift Deed?

A Gift Deed includes following details:

  • Date and place where the deed is documented.
  • Donor’s details (Name, Date of Birth, Father’s Name and Address).
  • Details of the Donee (Name, Father’s name, Date of Birth and Relationship with the Donor).
  • Relationship of Donor and Donee.
  • Elucidation of the property gifted.
  • Signatures of both- Donor and Donee.
  • Details of two witnesses present at the time of property transfer.
  • Signature of the witnesses.

c) What is the procedure for cancellation of a Gift Deed?

A Gift Deed can be revoked if it complies with following conditions:

  • There is mutual consensus between the Donor and the Donee that the deed should be revoked.
  • The property transfer event was just based on the will of the Donor and the Donee was unwilling to accept the asset.
  • The condition is not illicit, repugnant and immoral to the estate created under the Gift.