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Consult Top Cheque Bounce Lawyers, Attorneys & Legal Advisors in India

If you have a Cheque issued by a debtor that has bounced or has been dishonoured, or someone has issued a cheque bounce notice against you, or you have received court summons for a 138 NI (Negotiable Instruments Act) complaint against you, use SAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS, LPO to find a top rated cheque bounce lawyer in India for your needs.

Cheque Bounce Law in India

Cheque bounce laws protect receivers of cheques in the event the cheque is return unpaid for reasons such as insufficient funds or stop payments.

Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act (NI Act) outlines the laws governing cheque bounce matters in India.

Who are victims of cheque bounce fraud?

Any person who has been received a cheque which has been returned unpaid for whatever reason can file a cheque bounce complaint case.

Why do you need a cheque bounce lawyer

A Cheque Bounce Lawyer will be able to help you recover your money by drafting a Demand Notice and further a Cheque Bounce Complaint Case if need be as required by laws.

Why hire a cheque bounce lawyer through SAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS, LPO?

We have selected some of the best cheque bounce laywers across India, who can help resolve the issue through out of court settlements, and fight your case in court to recover your dues.