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Consult Top Banking / Finance Lawyers, Attorneys & Legal Advisors in India

A banking and finance lawyer deals in matters pertaining to the borrowing and lending transactions and the laws related to it. Use SAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS, LPO to hire a top rated banking and finance lawyer in India for matters falling under Indian Contract Act, SARFAESI, DRT, RBI (including, notifications, circulars, master circulars), Transfer of Property Act or any other banking and finance legal requirements.

What are banking & finance laws?

Banking & Finance is a sub-category of corporate laws. It comprises of the borrowing and lending transactions, and laws related to it. The law which would apply in a ‘Banking and Finance’ transaction would depend upon the underlying nature of the transaction. These transactions can be both domestic (on-shore i.e., where the parties are situated in India) and international transactions. Typically, Indian Contract Act, SARFAESI, DRT, RBI (including notification , circulars, master circulars),Transfer of Property Act etc, are applicable.

Who are affected by banking laws?

Borrowers (corporate (irrespective of size) / individual); Lenders (typically banks/ FIs) and the third party security provider (people giving, guarantee or pledge of shares or security of either movable or immovable).

Why you need a banking & finance lawyer

Since it is a very niche practice area, expert lawyers need to have deep understanding of banking and finance laws, as well as the contents of the transaction documents, as the negotiations mostly revolve around the nature of liabilities and the obligation which are assumed under such documents. Since it also involves regulatory and statutory issues, one has to be careful that the lending and borrowing is taking place within the parameters of the rules and regulations governing that particular sector

Why hire a banking lawyer through SAN LEGAL SOLUTIONS, LPO

We have shortlisted some of the top banking and finance lawyers across India, to help you get expert advice and representation for banking and finance related legal matters.