The San Legal Solutions, LPO, is amongst the best LPO firm and offers unparalleled legal expertise across a comprehensive range of practice areas that are critical to the business needs of our clients. The firm has an established reputation for being the best LPO firm rendering prompt and dependable legal services to its clients and is well known for its expertise in Corporate & Commercial law, International Trade, Intellectual Property, Matrimonial Disputes, Internet law, Anti-dumping, Arbitration & ADR, Industrial & Employment law, Real Estate & Municipal Laws, besides other practice areas.

Our Team Members


We have a superb group of working lawyers who are highly qualified and dedicated and work as a team and is extremely helpful to their clients and even work for the betterment of the society and bring the best result as per the demand of the time.


Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) refers to the general practice of law firms and various corporations for obtaining legal support services from various companies. LPO provider may not be from the same country and the practice of preaching LPO from other country is called off shoring. This is mainly prevalent in law firms and is actually based on the division of labor principal.