Areas of Practice

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services includes processing legal work from client outside India on Legal research, Contract drafting & review, Due-diligence, Litigation support services, Legal claim processing, Legal coding, Deposition summary,  Business formation, Business & corporate law, Intellectual property, Other services, , Legal data entry.


 Legal research 

          Contract drafting

          Litigation support services

          Legal claim processing

          Legal coding

          Deposition  summary

          Business formation

          Business & corporate law

          Intellectual property

          Other services




          Legal data entry



The legal service is headed by associates of the top tier law firm and each matter is controlled and managed directly by the law firm under supervision of a solicitor and/or advocate. The legal service includes transactional and dispute resolution work. Transactional work includes corporate, commercial, , real estate,  banking, finance, etc. .


Legal service is headed by lawyers of Chambers (India and /or USA) and each matter is controlled and managed directly by the law firm under supervision of a solicitor and/or advocate being a partner of the law firm.


The legal service includes transactional and non-transactional work including commercial and civil litigation and arbitration Our transactional or non-litigation work includes corporate, commercial, contract drafting, real estate, entertainment, banking,  construction.


Our Litigation legal service includes commercial litigation work, advising, planning, drafting of pleadings, filing of vakalatnama, appearances in the ,sub divisional court , ,High Court and in the Supreme Court of India, appearing in district courts in India.

Litigation services

Our Litigation services encompasses the below

  1. Infrastructure & Construction Litigation

  2. Commercial & Contractual Litigation

  3. Banking & Financial Litigation

  4. Real Estate Litigation

  5. Trademark Litigation

  6. Agency & Distributorship Litigation

  7. Franchising Litigation

  8. Industrial & Manufacturers Litigation

  9. Joint Venture Litigation

  10. Mergers & Acquisition Litigation


Arbitration Legal Service

Our Arbitration legal service includes commercial domestic and international arbitration work, hence conducting every type of commercial arbitration, advising, planning, drafting of pleadings, appearances before arbitrator along with counsel.

Our Arbitration services encompasses the below

  1. Infrastructure & Construction Arbitration

  2. Commercial & Contractual Arbitration

  3. Banking & Financial Arbitration

  4. Corporate & Commercial Arbitration

  5. Arbitration under a Contract

  6. Real Estate & Property Arbitration


Transactional services

Our Transactional work involves researching, preparing and reviewing documents, drafting or vetting of contracts for corporate mergers and acquisitions to the closing documents, joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions, franchising and all transactional work including compliance with relevant regulations, laws, negotiating, and advising, the areas includes corporate, commercial, contract drafting, real estate, entertainment, mining, telecommunication, banking, finance, capital market, construction.

Our Transactional services encompasses the below

  1. Corporate & Commercial

  2. Contracts & Agreements

  3. Merger & Acquisition

  4. Trademark

  5. Buyouts & Take over

  6. Legal Due Diligence

  7. Banking & Finance 

  8. Private Funds

  9. Confidential Disclosure Agreement

  10. Agency & Distributorship

  1. Franchising

  2. Joint Venture & Collaboration

  3. Compliances

  4. Real Estate & Conveyancing

  5. Infrastructure & Construction

  6. Port Developments

  7. Shipping Documents

  8. Commercial Agreements

  9. Confidential Disclosure Agreement

  10. Agency & Distributorship

  11. Master Agreement

  12. Subcontract/ Subaward Agreement

  1. Teaming Agreement

  2. Tasking Agreement

  3. Facilities User Agreement

  4. Equipment Use Agreement

  5. Asset Purchase Agreement

  6. Buy Sell Agreement

  7. Development Agreement

  8. Architect Contract

  9. Carpentry Contract

  10. Construction Agreement

  11. Construction Contract

  12. Construction Management Agreement

  1. Contract Extension Agreement

  2. Interior Design Contract

  3. Painting Contract

  4. Real Estate Development Agreement

  5. Subcontractor Agreement

  6. Asset Purchase Agreement

  7. Business Purchase Agreement

  8. Joint Bid Agreement

  9. Joint Venture Agreement

  10. Collaboration Agreement

  11. Partnership Agreement

  12. Limited Partnership Agreement

  1. Strategic Alliance Agreement

  2. Co-Marketing Agreement

  3. Non Disclosure Agreement

  4. Merger Agreement

  5. Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

  6. Consignment Agreement

  7. Exclusivity Agreement

  8. License Agreement

  9. Manufacturing Contract

  10. Manufacturing Lease

  11. Manufacturing License Agreement

  12. Process Agreement

  1. Product Agreement

  2. Product Distribution Agreement

  3. Vendor Agreement

  4. Warehouse Lease

  5. Warranty Agreement

  6. Distribution Contracts

  7. Manufacturing Agreements

  8. Outsourcing Agreements

  9. Advertising Agreements

  10. Licensing Agreements

  11. Commercial Cooperation

  12. Mandatory Agreements

  1. General Conditions of Sale and Purchase

  2. Technical Assistance Agreements

  3. Mercantile Commission Agreements

  4. Supply Agreements

  5. Loan Agreements

  6. Maintenance Agreements

  7. Charter Party Agreements

  8. Consortium Agreement

  9. Cooperative Agreement

  10. Memorandum of Understanding

  11. Non-Disclosure Agreement

  12. Lease Agreement

  1. Agreement for Sale

  2. Trademark Assignment

  3. Merger Agreement

  4. Arbitration Agreement

  5. Purchase Order

  6. Retailer Agreement

  7. Sales Agreement

  8. Subscription Agreement

  9. Supplier Agreement

  10. Warranty Agreement

  11. Franchise Agreement

  12. Franchise Purchase Agreement

  1. Joint Venture Agreement

  2. Limited Partnership Agreement

  3. Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

  4. Non Disclosure Agreement

  5. Partnership Agreement

  6. Strategic Alliance Agreement

  7. Copyright License Agreement

  8. End User License Agreement

  9. License Agreement

  10. Manufacturing License Agreement

  11. Master Use License Agreement

  12. Software License Agreement

  1. Trademark License Agreement

  2. Domain Name Assignment

  3. Invention Assignment Agreement

  4. Patent Application Assignment

  5. Patent Assignment

  6. Trademark Assignment

  7. Endorsement Agreement

  8. Exclusivity Agreement

  9. Fulfillment Services Agreement

  10. Manufacturing Contract

  11. Manufacturing Lease

  12. Manufacturing License Agreement

  1. Merchandising Agreement

  2. Production Contract

  3. Retailer Agreement

  4. Supplier Agreement

  5. Supply Contract

We review and draft documents, contracts, agreements etc. covering all aspects of non-litigation areas, including drafting research memoranda, law surveys and cmparisons of the laws of various jurisdictions. We draft research memoranda on specific legal issues. We provide case and statury law research to support a client’s position in a litigation matter. Customize your requirement for contracts and document drafting .

What we can do ?

1. Drafting of entire commercial contract
2. Drafting part of the contract
3. Drafting important clauses to the contract
4. Reviewing and analysing the contract
5. Giving clarity as to the purpose or intent of the contract or a clause to the contract
6. Documenting the agreed terms of the proposed contract
7. Rephrasing contract clause with clarity to language
8. Identifying and rectifying defective clauses to the contract that may lead to future dispute
A contract or informally known as an agreement in some jurisdictions is an agreement having a lawful object entered into voluntarily by two or more parties, each of whom intends to create one or more legal obligations between them.