Medico Legal


When there are two aspects involved in a case concerning medical jurisprudence and medical law, it becomes a Medico-legal case and is, therefore, something that involves both medical and legal aspects.


Medico-Legal Case is something which can be defined as a case of ailment or injury, etc., in which the law-enforcing agencies are supposed to investigate, which are essential in finding out the responsible party who is the offender regarding the occurrence of the ailment or injury. In easy words, it is a medical case with legal angles and implications where after eliciting history and examining the patient, the attending doctor thinks that some investigation by law enforcement agencies is crucial. It can also be a legal case brought by the police for examination requiring medical expertise for a certain investigation.


It is a branch of science and medicine which involves Medical jurisprudence or legal medicine involving the study and application of scientific and medical knowledge to certain or specific legal problems, for example, inquests, and in the field of law. Modern medicine is a scientific creation which passes through the law and is regulated by the state. Medico legal cases involving rape, death, paternity, etc. require a medical practitioner to appear as an expert witness and produce evidence; these two fields have formerly have been more or less traditionally interdependent.


Forensic medicine, including forensic pathology, is a narrower field that involves analysis and collection of medical evidence as samples to produce objective information that can be used to help out the legal system.


The Medical law should not be confused with medical jurisprudence, which is a branch of medicine, rather than a branch of law. Medical law is the branch of law which concerns the responsibilities and prerogatives of the rights of the patient and medical professionals. The main branches of medical law are negligence and torts in relation to medical treatment (most notably medical malpractice), the law on confidentiality, and criminal law and contract law in the field of medical practice and treatment. Ethics and medical practice is a growing field, and therefore there is more and more medico-legal cases that are coming forth.