In today’s work atmosphere which happens to be highly competitive, it is the responsibility of every employer to provide a secure and safe work environment. But all that said, accidents are inevitable and unavoidable for workers in high risk jobs where a worker can sustain injuries that can be life threatening or even be fatally injured resulting on death or demise. There is the provision of workman compensation insurance which encompass legal liability of a company or an employer for bodily injury or death of the employees.

As per the set laws and regulations, the employees or their family are supposed to get compensated by their employers in case of job-related injuries which have resulted in grievous injuries, disabilities or death. The nature and the gravity of the injury or loss suffered by a certain workers, and his or her age will decide the compensation amount to be awarded by the court of law. Though it is subject to revision from time to time, the minimum and maximum amounts to be paid for death and disability are already fixed.


The cases where the benefits are offered depend on the type of policy that is chosen by the employers which are permanent or total disability; temporary disability; death; permanent partial disability and for legal costs if incurred. There is also the provision of covering all medical expenses that might have happened on necessary treatments.