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The San Legal Solutions, LPO, was found in 2003 and currently is amongst the best LPO firm. Across a comprehensive range of practice areas that are critical to the business needs of our clients we offer unmatched and devoted legal expertise. The firm has a well-known status for being one of the best LPO firms which has the solid reputation of rendering timely and trustworthy legal services to its clients. We are well known for our expertise in Corporate & Commercial law, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Internet law, Matrimonial Disputes, Anti-dumping, Industrial & Employment law, Arbitration & ADR, Real Estate & Municipal Laws, besides other practice areas. Thorough our hard work and successful track record we have established our presence globally and intend to expand our operations in more countries. Our clients are our main concern and we provide each of our clients the time and attention that they deserve, as law can be a tricky issue with most lay person. We take care to explain each and every legal process to our clients so that they have a comprehensive knowledge about their cases.

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  • The firm founded in the year of 2003.It is one of the oldest and best-known LPO

  • The firm has developed multi locational presence with its offices in Canada and Atlanta (USA) and Durgapur (India). The offices are fully functional, modern and well equipped with a legal support staff consisting of Lawyers, in-house counsels, professional retainers and paralegal personnel, accountants, hardware and software personnel and office administrators headed by a team of cohesive partners. The knowledge/database dedicated round the clock service (the Head Office remains open 24 hours) and team of practice area specific experts enable the firm to provide services of international standards and requirements.


Psychology is a very broad subject and can be defined as a study of human mind or mental health. With changing times, many students now look at psychology as a major choice of profession. The presentation of the scientific paper is part of the curriculum for students of the Department of Psychology in most universities. It is important to choose the right theme for the study so that the document looks effective. Psychology is a very broad subject, you may have to check which sub-theme in psychology you are most interested in, and then explore and explore other topics before you start

Impact of advertising on children

The descendants of this generation are subject to many early announcements, and this has several implications for them. Advertising affects children to a large extent and has both positive and negative consequences. The statistics show that the average child is usually subject to almost 40,000 advertisements during the year, and the advertising industry spends huge amounts on advertising for children.
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Advantages for children who may be open to advertising include awareness and knowledge of the latest technologies and innovations, healthy diet and diet options, the choice of advertising, etc., as well as the negative consequences of advertising for children: children become more impulsive for the purchase of goods in advertisements; children also tend to emulate or perform stunt in advertising, their food changes and the inclination to unwanted food affect their health, children can sometimes misinterpret the information that is transmitted in advertisements, etc. You can write about many other effects of advertising for children, citing several examples, as well as statistics and related facts.

Psychological factors that cause depression

There are many factors and causes that lead to depression. Although it is very difficult to determine the exact cause of depression, we can try to understand the factors or causes that can cause depression, and even more help the person to overcome depression. There are many psychological factors that often lead to depression, such as patterns of thought, loss or loss, error and stress. One of the typical patterns of thinking that leads to depression is that others speak and think badly of you, as well as helplessly and powerless. Many people also believe that they are responsible for all the bad things that happen to them or around them; this way of thinking also leads to depression. In the case of separation or loss of close people, many people are getting into depression. Loss of support, loss of work, loss of huge savings, also prevents people from pushing them into depression. Ambitious people sometimes fail and are often depressed if they cannot achieve their goals. You can write about how a stressful event in life suppresses and influences the thinking or the ability of a person to think. You can also talk about useful techniques to overcome depression

The role of the social environment in personal development

The factors associated with the social environment play a very important role in the development of the individual from an early stage. It has been studied and proved that children are trying to imitate their parents to a large extent and are influenced by factors surrounding them. People will have a great influence on home factors, which include family practices, culture, customs, parents ‘ habits, etc. Similarly, there are many other social factors in school and society that affect individual development. You can discuss factors such as teachers ‘ behaviour, classmates behaviour, traditions and norms of society, religious customs and practices that affect individual development. You can also talk about how a person after a certain age or time can explore the possibility of working on personal development without a significant social impact. You can include some real-world examples of life, explaining how social factors affect the decisions of individuals and thus affect their identity

Symptoms and causes of stress

Stress is a subject that most of us often talk about. Stress can be any sensation of pressure, voltage, or voltage. People get stressed while they’re dealing with complex or difficult situations. Stress affects us emotionally and physically. Although there may be multiple causes of stress, each person responds differently to stress. The most common symptoms of stress are, frequent headaches, sweats, increased heart disease, irritation or an earthquake, a sense of irritation or anxiety, back pain, etc. Similarly, there are many factors that result in the burden on the person, loss of work, loss of work, additional duties at work, financial problems, conflicts with family members or friends, under pressure, etc. On the basis of environmental conditions, there may be several other factors that may cause stress. We can’t have a free life, and we all have to deal with stress at one or another point in time. Sometimes positive stress is needed to achieve new goals and achieve better results. We must be able to cope with stress to reduce the stress on us. You can write about other factors and symptoms of stress and how it affects the mental health of a person. In addition, you can narrow the topic by selecting a discussion of a specific type of stress, such as acute stress, chronic stress, stress related stress, and so on. You can also discuss effective stress reduction techniques.